Today or tomorrow? Certainly not yesterday, for yesterday is not emendable. It is only today, or tomorrow that I can make a difference. The difference I want to see is in myself so that I can make a bigger difference in the lives of those I love. 


11/01/2011 1:10pm

So true, so very true! Thanks for the reminder today.

07/09/2017 11:05pm

Everyday is a chance for us to do the things we love. A the same time, its also a perfect chance for us to do things that will us the better versions of ourselves. Let's always choose to do good and be good. It's true that life is short that's why we should maximize everything. But I also believe that having a right path for yourself will make you're life worth living!

03/13/2016 5:55am

Some systems do well with them and some not so well. Usually it is the school system in the poorer district that does poorly with standardized test scores.

08/17/2016 4:24am

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10/18/2016 4:27am

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