So I'm taking a therapeutic swim class three times a week... It took me a while, but I really like it. In fact, the 8:00am class is known as the truth pool. We always tell it like it is. Well, what happens is our suits quickly deteriorate in the chlorine. My most recent suit lost all of its color and oh, it is bad. So I went to Ross looking for an inexpensive suit. No luck. But, what i did find was the Creative Women show in the Mission Plaza. Very nice. I will make it a goal to enter next year. Speaking of entering, I won the raffle! Yipee!



christine hill
09/08/2011 10:51am

Kathleen, It is interesting that you mentioned Dani having undivided attention with you because this is one of the things I treasure about you. This exudes from you. I enjoy your company so very much. You express yourself so well in your writing that I want to know all about everything. I am so glad I have met you and you are in my life. Love and Blessings, Chrisitne

02/15/2017 11:43am

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