This morning on completion of my Bible reading and study, I had a long conversation with God through prayer journaling. I wrote about how I really feel and know that He is calling me to this new creative arena of life. Not just working on creating my own artistic style, yes that is a goal that I have; moreover, serving Him with the Prayer Bowl Project. There are so many little miracles that I have experienced in the last year of the PBP journey that I know He is calling me in this direction. Anyway, I was thanking Him for all he has done for my family and friends, and praising Him for his perfect plan. So we got down to the nitty-gritty of the matter and I asked for Him to show His glory in providing some means to continue in what I know is His way. Perhaps a lead for professional development or some book sales to keep us afloat. Maybe even a connection with the Children' Creative Project. I have been trying to connect them for a while now. Really, I just want to know that this is the direction He truly has planed for me and not just what I want. Upon finishing my morning prayer session. I felt energized and renewed. God is good that way.

As you know, this being Thursday, I travel to Cambria to visit my folks. It was a special time because my brother is visiting for a week from Tennessee. While we were talking and sharing the phone rang and it was for me. Just guess who it was... the consultant from the Children's Creative Project saying she had a position for me! God is so great! Now you tell me if this is just a coincidence. NO WAY! I can't explain the joy I feel inside to know that the Lord is always with me, watching, knowing, leading and loving me. His timing is perfect, His love is unending, and He shows me His love in oh so many ways. Times like today, but mostly in the beauty of his creation and the grace He continually gives me.

As Kelly Rae posted today, it is all about relationship, community, supporting and loving one another. Relationship rules! And there is none greater than the relationship with the Lord. I invite all of you to reach out for His loving hand and enjoy the glorious blessing of a relationship with God.


08/19/2011 6:40am

Wonderful post. Thanks so much for sharing how God is good. He blesses us so incredibly much! Congratulations on the call.


God is a large source and large creation of the world. He is only for the honor of our world. God always gives us much helping if we are in rubble. He will always help us in difficulties.


God is a powerful being and he is good and merciful. I believe that everything has a purpose in life and he is leading us to the right path. We may not notice it and may get confused but that is the way God is. Our future is certain and he guides us every minute of every day. I love him so much and I appreciate that you consider God is great for you too. Your post is very inspiring. Thank you for spreading the goodness of the Lord.

07/17/2017 3:35am

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08/06/2017 8:18pm

God is great and always will be. He never disappointed us whether we are sad or happy. He's been always there to us. He has been our savior and protector. I am so thankful that he is our Lord. And I am also grateful to have him as our Father on heaven.


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