As you know I am focused on getting my art out into the world. So Im clicking around the internet and ended up on Kelly Rae Robert's site. She is one of my favorite artists. I see on her page she is offering an e-course on developing the creative business of your dreams. Okay, that connected with me, so I took the plunge and signed up. It is five week course called Flying Lessons. Kelly provides daily information and then we have the opportunity to communicate with those enrolled. We also have a lifetime membership to a private Facebook group. All I can say is, wow-oh-wow! 
I enrolled a week late so I have been madly gobbling up the already thousands and thousands of words from Kelly Rea, as well as the hundreds of comments that go along with each post. I am so excited! I am learning so very much.

Oh, don't you just love the designs in nature? The Naked Ladies are pushing and the sweeping curves of the stalks are wonderbaugh.

So sorry, I leap frogged on you! Back to the Flying Lessons. The best part so far has been a video she shared from TedX. Simon Senik talks about the "golden circle" that guides our connections, desires and influences how we make decisions. It is enlightening to say the least. I understand now why the Prayer Bowl Project is going so well. 

I started the project because I wanted to serve God by helping out my sweet friend Dani. People are buying the bowls because they connect with my beliefs. I get it now.

This same information can be applied to my professional development business too. Many teachers are selling the "what" to their students and they turn off. Perhaps we can consider the "why" of the learning process and better connect with our students. It's brilliant I say, just brilliant!

I know Flying Lessons will make a huge difference in my life. I have had many blessings in the journey so far and I can't wait to share them with you in this blog. In fact, I uploaded my recent projects included in the  Stampington publications. Take a look-see. Be sure to send me a comment if you have any questions about any of them.  



08/14/2011 10:41pm

Hi Kathleen,
I loved the TED talk by Simon too, watched it twice infact! And I also love to see patterns in nature. You'll catch up with the e-course in no time, keeping up with comments is hard but the wrap up post made me feel like I wasn't missing out on the most important parts. Not sure, but I think it might end up being the facebook page that is a bit easier to connect with people for your own little conversations.
Your blog looks great, I love the colours in the header section but I found the font in the title a bit difficult to read at first glance, also when I clicked to leave a comment I clicked on the post below this one by accident as normally the comments button is after the post not at the top.
I looked back through your archives but it seemed to list the whole post not just the titles so it meant having to scroll a lot to see all the posts from that month.It might be easier to navigate if they just came up with titles
Sorry if this seems like a lot of negatives, your content is really good and I love the way you write, i think maybe just some navigation changes might make readers look around more.
Lauren x x

08/15/2011 3:20am

Hi Kathleen -
Great flying with you. Looking forward to seeing how your blog progresses. I love those Naked Ladies - never heard of them, I'm off to do some research. Best, Kim


I really like your website, here we are getting many interesting stuffs for learning. Like today lesson which is about the flying science. I really am getting knowledge after reading it about the science of the flying of human.


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