What a great day! I thought I was recharged, but by the end of the day it was leftovers for dinner. I love it when one prep can lead to two meals. Pasta salad is to die for on the second day when all the flavors have blended.

I spent all day in the art room. Two set of bowls and five papers later, all I want is the day to continue so I can make more...even though I am ready for bed. The best part is I received an order for three more sets of bowls and two books. 

Well, I guess I can't hide from the upcoming school year. I am happy to know that there is still a call for the special ed. manual. I better get on the stick and make some contacts. ACK! drag me from the art room to my office screaming! Now is the time I must put into play my favorite saying...Freedom through discipline, creativity within structure. I will be free to play and be creative within my professional development schedule if and only if I am disciplined.

So off to bed to dream of books, art filled books and education. Sweet dreams.


08/05/2016 11:21am

There are many like you who are desperate for their passion in art and this kind of passion is good to achieve goals. I would be happy to see your art work that you have been working on.


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