Everyday we are bombarded with emotions. Some are so slight we don't even notice them. Some are huge, but we choose to stuff them and pretend that we don't notice them. And then there are those you can't deny and you must face them head on with nerves on edge desperate for understanding. 

I visited with Dani today. Dani is my friend whose life has been changed by a medical condition. She is the bravest person I know. It has been a year now since she lost the use of her legs. She greeted me with the brightest smile when I walked in the door. She was seated in Isaiah her motorized wheelchair and was editing video for her family. Her eyes were shiny and she had a look of peace. I have noticed this look on my last few visits. I am so comforted by her sweet face. 

I have to admit it is very difficult for me accept her situation and deal with the wild stream of emotions I encounter. I know that there is a reason in all of this. I have faith in God who has a greater plan than any of us could possibly know. Still, I have questions in my heart. I realize that this is what faith and hope are all about, but why does it have to be this way? Why is this the method God is using as teachable moments for our flesh as well as our soul?

When I am with Dani I feel nothing but Love, pure Love. Even sitting in Isaiah, dealing with the endless pain of neuropathy, moving all the time to try and diffuse the discomfort, she loves. She asks me with undivided attention how my life is going. She listens, advises and prays with me and for me. She is an angel, God's servant. I don't think I could ever be that brave. 

But when it comes to being a hero, Dani gives that honor to her husband. She shares how he finds laughter in even the most uncomfortable of situations.  Their intimacy grows as they learn together how to deal with the day-to-day realities of their new life. To me, they are both heros of uncommon love and dedication.

My emotion spills from my eyes as I attempt to find the words to share my inward thoughts. I take life for granted. I get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Dani cant. If I'm chilled or too warm, I can get up and open or close the window. Dani cant. I can run down the block to the market, just slip into my flip flops and out the door I go. Dani cant. 

What Dani can do and does so very well is love She finds love in the challenges of life. She loves with such grace. It is always obvious that she loves God and doesn't question his wisdom. It is also obvious that God loves Dani.

If you want to share in the love, and be a blessing to Dani, please consider the Prayer Bowl Project.