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I have a soft pillow on which to lay my head every night. My home is filled with treasures and memories. My cabinets and freezer are stacked with food. I have the love and support of my family. I have trustworthy  friends. I have my health. There is so much abundance in my life, and much of the time it slips right by.

The other morning around 6:00AM, I was walking my dogs and I realized I felt completely satisfied and blissful.  It was at that moment I realized quite clearly the gifts I've been given.
I thought about the many people on this beautiful earth that would give their right arm to enjoy a tenth of what I have. Funny thing is, many of these live here in the United States. How many people go to bed hungry and cold? How many of us don't, but never give it a second thought?
I look closer and there are those who live right around me that are suffering from homelessness. Here in San Luis Obispo, there are plenty of people who need a hand up, not a hand out. But the hand-up begins with a hand-out.

I have the privilege of serving a monthly meal at the homeless shelter. I have never done this type of service before. I attend the Johnson Ave. Church of Christ and it with their homeless ministry that I enjoy the pleasure of service.
The church puts together a meal of a delicious stew, fruit salad, buttered rolls and cupcakes. In fact my sweet mother and sister-in-law have a cupcake party once a month and meet to bake and frost 4 dozen treats.
While this is happening up in Cambria, there is another group that is patiently slicing fruit, even the grapes. And still another that uses a common recipe to blend the stew. It requires many hands and faithful commitment to create this meal.
I am always reminded of the love of Christ when I see the beautiful faces and warm smiles of those who pass through the serving line. From the outside, it may seem like it is a wonderful opportunity for those less fortunate to have a substantial meal, and be shown Christian love. The truth is, it is the love of Christ that I receive from them. Every time I get into my car after serving, drive to my home, and pull into the driveway, I realize those who I want to help, have given to me through a "hand-out" of love, to feel and understand more clearly God's saving grace. 

It is my prayer that we all band together to help those who do not have a place to call home, and that they are selflessly supported by us who do.
Yesterday was the first of six meeting of the Mixed Media Monday class. To see our progress, click here. If you live in the San Luis Obispo area and you're interested in joining us, send me an email and I'll get the information to you. Hope to see you there!
Today at 4:00 I start a series of six mixed media classes. I can't wait! To find out more, click the link! Mixed Media Mondays
So here are the three most recent sets of prayer bowls. I think they turned out great!
Not to take away from the bowls, but the beauty in the picture is my mom when she was 18. Wow!
So, there you have it. If you are interested knowing more about the prayer bowls, just click on a picture and it will take you to the Prayer Bowl Project. You can also purchase them from my ETSY shop.
Now that the school year is over, I am finding time to create prayer bowls again. It has been such a long time; since January, I think. 
I'm happy to say that I have not forgotten how to make them. I was a bit rusty though and had to work at it. I was able to complete three full sets before I ran out of clay. I still have to varnish them, and I hope to do that tomorrow. I'll post the finished product