Well, It's the end of the school year. What a fantastic time I have had working with the Children's Creative Project. I received so much from this experience. God truly blessed me though it. The kids were a blast and filled to the brim with creative energy.

I am really thrilled with the results of the sixth grade project. I followed the state standards for visual arts and focused on positive and negative space, reflections, line of symmetry and radial symmetry. 

We began with a study of lettering. The students were shown how to create block and bubble letters and the first assignment was to produce an alphabet. (I regret that I don't have any pictures to share.)

Next we looked at the negative space around the letters.
This was an interesting experience. Working as a whole group we walked through the example here for the name Darcy. We used our visualization to "see" the right-side of the letters and the left-side. The student drew the shapes between the letters rather than the letters them selves. Finally they colored in the shapes or did some type of Zin Tangle design.
Next we looked at reflection over a line of symmetry to show positive and negative space. 
This wasn't as easy as it looked for some studnets. Some struggled with the flip of the piece over the line of symmetry and added a rotation to the piece. Others couldn't maintain the line of symmetry itself.

Our final project brought all the lessons together. We created a mandala using negative space and reflective symmetry. the results were fantastic. I have posted a slide below. As you look at each piece, try to find the hidden word. Here's a hint: the letters are white. It is the negative space that's filled.
Last but not least, to fill time for those who finished their mandala early, we used a simple process of straight and curved lines to give the illusion of volume.
 The negative space is filled with straight lines and the positive with curved. the results are stunning. 

Like I said, The experience of working with these kids was fantastic! They were so full of imagination. I loved every minute of it!!